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Mappa Firenze / Florence MapWhere can I eat the best Florentine beef steak without paying a fortune?
What can I do with the children?
How can I avoid long lines at the Uffizi Gallery?

Our Custom Itineraries – the only ones in Florence – allow you to visit the city on your own following the expert advices of a professional tour guide. Send us an email and you’ll receive a short questionnaire you should answer so to prepare your tailor-made visit of the city.

How it works

We take the information that you provide us and create your Custom Itinerary. This normally takes us 3 to 5 working days. When finished it will be emailed to you as a PDF file. We can then discuss further customization of the itinerary to your wishes.

Payment can be done by credit card or in cash, before your arrival or when in Florence. We want to have 100% of our clients happy and so payment is secondary. The cost is:

  • 2 days = euro 25,00
  • 3 days = euro 35,00
  • 4 days = euro 43,00
  • 5 days = euro 52,00

Request now your Custom Itinerary

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To request a your customized Florence tour, please write us. Immediately you’ll receive an email where we ask you to give us details of:

  • How long you wish to stay for
  • Any “must see” places that you already know you wish to visit
  • Any special interests that should be included
  • What sort of pace of visit you wish: do you want a more relaxed tempo during your stay with fewer places to visit or are you keen to see as many places as possible in the time you have at your disposal?
  • Are you a museum person or are you more keen on outdoor things to do?
  • What about eating: just a sandwich for midday and a normal trattoria for the evening or are you looking for something grand?

The more information the better.

  1. Remove the headaches of planning
  2. Quick delivery
  3. Ensure that your visit IS a holiday and NOT a race
  4. Escape crowds and queues
  5. Impartial advice
  6. Get to know the city as a native
  7. Easy refunds
Listed below are some of the benefits that Guided Florence Tours offers over conventional travel books, internet research and travel agent services.Remove the headaches of planning
Guided Florence Tours provides all the information that you need to plan your holiday. You receive:
  • Realistically scheduled itineraries, based on your preferences
  • Guidance to the best places to eat and drink according to the type of person you are.

Quick delivery
Buy an itinerary of Guided Florence Tours and you’ll immediately get an email asking more details about you. Fill this out and within 24 hrs in week days and 48 hrs in weekends you’ll get your personalized itinerary.

Ensure your visit IS a holiday, NOT a race!
The problem with planning a Tour using guidebooks and Internet research is the lack of information on how to schedule your days. Guided Florence Tours provide you with times you need in staying in different places so that you can enjoy your holiday time and avoid the stress of rushing between places.

Escape the crowds and queues
For all the suggested places we can tell you how to avoid queues, how to book your entrance and even where to go to see the lesser known places that in guides are not mentioned and if you want we can book you all entrance museums at no extra charge. We’ll tell you exactly where to go get the best out of this city.

Impartial advice
Guided Florence Tours give recommendations that are based solely on merit. Unlike some other internet guides, we do not feature attractions, restaurants or accommodation because they have paid for advertising space therugbypaper. Our recommendations are based on personal experience and we only feature the places that we are confident you will enjoy.

Get to know the city as a native
The aim of our itineraries is to offer you a way of getting to know the city as if a friend of yours is willing to show you the places you would like more, suggesting them from a very Florentine point of view.

Easy refunds
If you aren’t happy with your purchase, just tell us why and if we can’t sort the problem we will give you a full refund. Our reputation is built upon the quality of your experiences.

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