Terms and conditions

  1. All our tours/services have to be expressly confirmed by:
    Guided Florence Tours (GFT)– via Nazionale 24 – 50123 FIRENZE, ITALIA –
    P.IVA e CF:IT 02121200485.
  2. Tickets for musuems, churches or other paying places are NOT included in the tariff (if not differently speicified).
    Children up to the age of 6 enter Florence museums free of charge. Children up to the age of 18 have free tickets in state musuems (only the reservation fee is to be paid),showing a valid ID proving children’s age.
    All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. CANCELLATIONS: 7 days before the tour GFT will charge the client’s credit card (VISA or MC) with the agreed amount that will not be refundable. If the client cancels after this deadline GFT will charge the full amount of the tour/service.
    No reimbursement will be given to any client who is not at the place of departure at the time established; similarly, no reimbursement will be granted to clients who loose contact with the guide or who does not complete the tour.
    GFT reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any tour or service departure if operating requirements or force majeure circumstances prevent the normal running of the tour and also if the minimum number of 5 paying adults is not reached (this last one apllicable to SMALL GROUP TOURS). Whenever – due to operational difficulties or reasons beyond its control (travel conditions, strikes, changes in opening hours, closure of museums, delays or other problems), GFT is obliged to change the programme – an alternative itinerary will be proposed, without any variation to the price. If for any reason GFT cancels the tour or service, the client may claim reimbursement only for the sum paid to GFT. Moreover GFT is not responsible for additional expenses that may be incurred by a client in relation to a cancelled tour or service (i.e. hotels, flights, etc.).
  4. In case of more than one service/tour or services/tours that include special opening or special proceedures GFT will require diffrent payments. These conditions will have to be agreed and approved expressly by the client.
  5. GFT cannot accept responsibility for damage caused by third parties or for reasons beyond its control, and cannot be held responsible for the loss of valuables, luggage or objects during toursor services.
  6. During high season periods, despite reservations, museums’s entry could be delayed by the musuems themselves and so can not be be attributed GFT responsibility.
  7. The tours and services offered covered by third-party insurance for the risks, the indemnity limits and the guarantees laid down in D.L. 111/95 under ALLIANZ nr. 731205711 policy. 
  8. Any complaint has to be be communicated in writing to GFT at info@guidedflorencetours.com within and no later than 15 days after the date of the tour.
  9. In special emergency cases, unless otherwise pronounced by the interested party, the data on the journey may be disclosed to family members who need to track the user. If you wish to exercise restraints to that reported in this paragraph, write to info@guidedflorencetours.com.
  10. Unless otherwise indicated by the interested parties and subject to the terms provided for preserving the tax/administrative documentation, GFT will keep all data related to services rendered for the sole purpose of ensuring the same customised services also in response to future requests, in its records as confidential. If you wish to exercise restraints to that reported in this paragraph, write to info@guidedflorencetours.com.
  11. PRIVACY: The client states that he/she was authorised to disclose personal data on any other participant of the tour . He/she, delegated by the others to manage relationships with GFT, will communicate the contents of the information cited above. For any further information, please refer to the USER PRIVACY POLICY.
  12. Any disputes will be settled by The Court of Florence.