Discovery tour of Venice

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To discover Venice is to enter another dimension, one surrounded by water. The Venetians have turned their islands into a unique place where luxury, beauty and colors blend, all thanks to the water.

Our expert guides will captivate you with tales of the ships that arrived at St. Mark’s Square, the symbol of the city, from all over the world. They provided Venice with precious fabrics and exotic spices, among the most requested and luxurious merchandise available.
We will tell you of the Crusades, of Marco Polo and his journeys to China and, closer to home, about the beautiful Basilica of San Marco and the horses stolen from the infidels. Hear the amazing stories about the construction and decoration of the basilica and you will be taken to the church to admire its famous mosaics.

We will visit the Doge’s Palace: the seat of city government. It is the place where the “Serenissima” or Republic of Venice displays its power. Grand and splendidly decorated rooms will entice you, and our guides will tell you the about thier secret stories as well as those of the prisons and the Bridge of Sighs.

You will get to see a lesser known Venice, off the beaten path. Its tiny, winding streets and small squares will lead you to the Rialto Bridge, where you can immerse yourself in the life of Venetians today.

Our tour is a journey through the history of the great city, from the Venetians of the past who created this magical place to those of today who preserve it and struggle to prevent it from sinking into the water that gave it birth.

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